Zara Dampney will be our Guest Speaker at the September Business Lunch!

Wow!  We are thrilled to welcome  Team GB volleyball Olympian, Zara Dampney, to the Poole Business Women’s Lunch Club on 12th September.

Zara will be talking to us about her journey to London 2012 Olympics and how the ability to learn got her to the Olympics;  ”it was a rocky road to get there but I learnt from mistakes and kept driving towards the goal,” says, Zara.

The format for the lunch is:

12.00pm – 12.20pm         Arrival, welcome drink and networking

12.20pm – 12.30pm         Sit down and intro by Tracey and Frances

12.30pm – 12.40pm         10 minutes round the table introduction

12.40pm – 12.45pm         5 minutes from our Sponsor

12.45pm – 1.15pm           Presentation by Olympian, Zara Dampney

1.15pm – 2.30pm             Buffet lunch and more opportunities to network

Venue: Storm Fish Restaurant

16 High Street, Poole BH15 1BP

Telephone 01202 674970


Prices: Members £18.00            Non-members £26.00


If you would like to sponsor any of our future lunches please contact for further information. Benefits of being a Sponsor are:

The sponsor will be the only company apart from the speaker to put details out on the tables and display a banner or promotional material.

·      The sponsor’s logo and link to website will go out on all the emails we send out with the invitations to each lunch (as we send a reminder, these emails go out twice).

·      The sponsor will be given 5 minutes to talk about their business or a related topic.

·      A link to your site and announcement of your sponsorship on Jobshop’s and Storm’s facebook and twitter pages.

·      We usually get coverage of our events in local media etc, the sponsors details will be included in this.

·      The cost to be a sponsor will be £60.00 and lunch is included.

Membership is an annual payment of £60.00 for individual membership and £85.00 for corporate membership (details are attached).

We look forward to seeing you there!

The legalities of contracting – How trusting your business requirements to Engage Executive Jobs, can save you a lot of unwanted stress and hassle!

It was interesting to read Steve Bicknell’s blog post Why Did Dragonfly Consulting get it wrong?

At Engage, we work with both contractors, and clients with requirements for contracting. We are seeing an increase in the requirement for contracting; particularly where it may be a new role and venture for the company where they want to test the water without committing to a permanent member to their team.

Steve’s blog post highlights how wrong it really can go, if people are unaware of the full legalities of the contract.

At Engage, our highly trained consultants take all that extra stress off you – yet another reason to contact us for a chat about how we can assist you in your search for your new senior or executive level staff member.





Dee Clayton’s 7 top tips on preparing for a job interview.

Dee recently presented to the Poole business women’s lunch club, as well as running a presentation skills workshop for  Engage Executive Jobs.

Below, dee highlights her tips on how to prepare for interview presentations.

Summary of the 7 Top Tips

1.    Make it easy for them to know, like and trust you.

2.    Engage the audience and demonstrate excellent presentation skills.

3.    Let your personality shine through (appropriately!).

4.    Consider your content carefully.

5.    Consider your presentation style relative to the role and company.

6.    Research the company and market thoroughly.

7.    Know how you are going to structure any presentation before you do it.


One of the things I asked participants to consider was the purpose of the presentation in an interview but from the interviewers perspective.   The interviewer isn’t just looking for the content of a presentation – they are also observing your personality and likability. They want to know that you are the kind of person that will fit into the company.  They also want to see that you are trustworthy and they can build rapport with you easily: But this can only be done if you are natural and yourself. If you avoid eye contact, and appear nervous (or suffer from the Public Speaking Monkeys, as I call them) it is less easy for the interviewers to get that trust and likability factor.

An Interviewer is also looking to see that you have an ability to engage an audience and can communicate a clear message – not always easy under pressure perhaps.   They want to see how you manage on your feet, that you have a variety of communication skills available; its not just about creating a PowerPoint deck.  You need to show that you can be engaging with stories, use relevant props, overhead projectors or flipcharts if those tools are appropriate to the role and company.

Obviously, the interviewer or panel are looking to see that you have skills in your specialist area but also it may be important to experience what your presentation skills are like – especially in leadership roles.  Of course your body language will be important, you need to convey that you are calm and confident and be relaxed enough to let your personality shine through.

The other thing people sometimes forget is that they are looking at your presentation style to see that it is appropriate to your individual personality and to the company, brand or role.

·      If you are a thinker use your pauses and thoughtfulness – allow your strengths to shine through in the presentation. But of course you’ll want a role that suits your style anyway – so just be yourself. (Unless that’s scared & nervous of presenting!)

·      Different companies will want different things; Lush Cosmetics might be looking for a very different style of presentation than Liverpool Victoria insurance company.

·      You also need to consider your style of presentation and the role you are applying for – a Finance Director role will have hugely different requirements from a creative or innovation type position.

·      I remember an interview presentation I was on the panel for – a Marketing Director’s interview and I remember “Jeff” had visited several of the companies’ sites and done a “mystery shopper” style video presentation. It was great and he stood out from the crowd. (He also got in a bit of trouble for not asking permission to film – but he got the job!)

Finally, an Interviewer will be looking to see that you have done your research on the company.  They may be interested to see how much time you spent researching them, as your research demonstrates your commitment.  They might want to see the depth of your research; have you only done website research or have you spoken to people and formulated views?  It is worth checking what the Press has to say about them, they may be looking for solutions to problems that they are experiencing, and they may be looking to you to identify any gaps in the company strategy, following the research that you’ve done.

When it comes to considering the content and structure of your interview presentation I have shared many presentation tips on those topics already so please read these blogs too to help you prepare:

Check out Dee’s blog here.

Kevin Green, CEO of the REC, Webinar link and highlighted trends

For those who were unable to catch it, you can now see CEO of the REC, Kevin Green’s webinar on YouTube here.

Kevin outlined the current trends, which are looking increasingly positive for the recruitment industry, as well as the economy as a whole:

According to the REC’s June 2013 Report of Jobs, although the economy is still 3% below 2008 peak, the good news far outweighs any woes:
Over 400,000 new jobs created
Employment at near record levels 29.7 million
Unemployment down 5k last month remains 7.8%
Shortages in many professional and managerial
roles – IT, Engineers, Oil and Gas plus Chefs and
Longer term trends:
Two speed labour market
Ageing population
Flexible work growing
Attitudes to work
Social media adding value
Overseas opportunities
It’s great to see Kevin highlighted the value of social media within business and as an important marketing business tool.
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