HIRING! Basic £74,000 per annum – No qualifications or previous experience required.

Well, just imagine if that really were on offer!

It was the question asked of Engage Executive Jobs back in May when the Politics Show came to interview Lucy York, asking her of the challenges they would face if candidates were to demand such a high basic salary without qualifications or previous experience.

With the story back in the news it has to be said that while few MPs are prepared to openly support the 11% pay rise proposed by IPSA, it seems that similarly few are prepared to outright oppose it. A week after Labour MP John Mann tabled an Early Day Motion calling for the increase to be limited to 1%, in line with the rest of the public sector, just 10 MPs, and not one Conservative, have put their names to it.

That so few MPs have signed it does not come as a surprise. An anonymous survey of 100 MPs conducted by YouGov on IPSA’s behalf found that 69% thought they were underpaid, with an average salary of £86,250 recommended. On average, Tory MPs proposed a salary of £96,740, the Lib Dems £78,361 and Labour £77,322. A fifth suggested that they should be paid £95,000 or more. Just don’t expect them to say so.

“Newsflash – Basic £74,000 per annum -No qualifications or previous experience required.”

Lucy York of Engage Executive Jobs said: “From a professional standpoint, Engage Executive Jobs take the view that it would be fairly impossible to help a candidate who approached us with the expectation of such a high salaried job without previous experience and qualifications.

 “We wonder how many applications they would receive for such a role when no previous experience or qualifications are required to hold a post as MP. In a time where our clients are looking for previous experience, qualifications, and importantly, the cultural fit within their organisation, the War on Talent continues.”


The Early Day Motion tabled by Labour’s John Mann stated:

“That this House notes the decision in the Spending Review announced to Parliament on 26 June 2013 to restrict public sector pay increases to 1 per cent; endorses the view that what is good enough for the workers is good enough for the politicians; and instructs the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to enforce public sector pay policy in its decisions over hon. Members’ pay.”


And was signed by:

Martin Caton (Labour)

Jim Dobbin (Labour)

Mark Durkan (SDLP)

Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru)

Glenda Jackson (Labour)

John Mann (Labour)

Dr William McCrea (DUP)

Margaret Ritchie (SDLP)

Jim Shannon (DUP)

David Ward (Liberal Democrats)


(Information collated from The New Statesman and BBC News)