Senior Level Positions On The Move


Good news in The Global Recruiter.


“A poll of director level interim managers conducted by Interim Partners has found the market for senior level executives beginning to pick up. The survey found 56 per cent of senior interim executives saying that more businesses were taking on interims at a senior management level, up from 47 per cent in 2012 and 43 per cent in 2011, in order to meet a growing demand for top executives.

According to Interim Partners recruitment amongst the most senior level executives has been very restrained since the credit crunch since cost cutting saw many senior management jobs removed. However, even though the senior level jobs market is improving, pressure over boardroom pay and other corporate governance issues have encouraged more board executives to avoid the increased burden of compliance by becoming interims.

Interim executives are managers or senior executives, at or just below board-level, who are recruited on a short to mid term basis. Just as a rise in the use of contractors normally predicts an increase in the hiring of permanent staff, so an increase in interims is seen as an early indicator of increased demand for senior executives.

“Senior level recruitment has lagged behind other hiring since the recession, but these figures suggest that the recruitment market for Directors is finally thawing out,” says Adam Kyriacou, Partner at Interim Partners. “Businesses need to be fleet of foot as the economy recovers and interim managers can give a business the sudden increase in capacity and expertise needed to take advantage of growth.”

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