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I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar this week at the Chewton Glen Hotel.  The event was organised by Intergage and they had secured the great Jimmy Cregan of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.  The core subject was about ‘love your brand’ it was an excellent, thought provoking presentation and I know many of the delegates were busy scribbling ideas to take away.


Jim Cregan started the seminar with a presentation on how his company has become successful.  It is a powerful and inspiring l story of Jim and his sister Suzie,  who have worked tremendously hard to get the product to market and win over some of the post powerful retailers.

jimmys png

What I walked away with more than anything is YOU are your brand and the brand is YOU.  Jim and Suzie have got this so right!  I almost feel that Jimmy could produce anything as his personality is infectious, funny, grounded and honest.  In a way it is similar to the LUSH story told by Mark Constantine.  Once hearing Mark’s story my whole perception of the product changed.  LUSH is not about a cosmetic product it is a personal story that that is provoked by a scent.  But if I had not met Mark or Jimmy would I have been enthusiastic about their product?  Intergage said, ‘video is the way forward,’ and I guess that is true as it is not always about what you say it is how you say it or it is even about the unspoken word, the reading between the lines (something I am truly passionate about when recruiting!).   My particular favourite video of Jimmy’s is when he just says ‘hello London’.  What he is really saying is ‘look at what you are missing by living in London – come and live here!’ we need more ambassadors like Jim to encourage talent to this beautiful part of the world.

Finally – this is for you Jim – after the seminar and drinking your Iced Coffee for the first time (first time for Jimmy’s and first time for Iced Coffee) I then went to meet a candidate in Costa Coffee.  I then promptly told most of the queue which was very long (I know barista is an art, but it takes to long!) how amazing Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was.   – Brand is powerful but are nothing without the people.


Engage HR Forum with Mike Dutton of Inchmery Associates


Last week we were delighted to welcome Mike Dutton of Inchmery Associates who took to the stand as our first speaker for the first Engage HR Forum.


The HR Forum was held at The Cliff, Canford Cliffs, and was well attended by HR leaders, executives, and decision makers across a wide range of companies and industries in Dorset and Hampshire. A light breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries, and bacon rolls was on offer with copious amounts of tea, coffee and fruit juices.


After welcoming everyone to the Forum, Engage Executive Recruitment Director, Sally Bennett, handed over to Mike who started his talk on change management.


The informal forum involved discussing scenarios one had dealt with regarding change management and the steps taken to overcome problems which arose.  Mike also covered topics including; appreciative inquiry; Kotter’s 8 steps, Action learning, and the Sarah curve.


Feedback was hugely positive with comments congratulating Engage on the speaker, topics covered, the refreshingly informal yet energising feel to the Forum, with many attendees commenting on how fantastic it was to have such a ‘meeting of minds’ where they were able to discuss both the challenging aspects of HR as well as the strategies they had implemented which had been especially successful for them.


The next Engage Executive HR Forum will be held in May where Joanna Kane of Trailblazers will be our speaker.  Joanna is also author of The Suited Hippy & The Stress Junkie.



Jobshop UK’s Executive Recruitment Company, Engage Executive Jobs, Resolves HR for Local Businesses

Sally Bennett Engage Executive Jobs Resolving the challenges that recruiting within the HR sector brings, Executive Recruitment Director for Engage Executive Jobs, Sally Bennett, draws upon her twelve years of recruitment experience and in-depth knowledge of HR; its function within an organisation and its challenges, to match the ideal candidate to the organisation.

CIPD qualified, Sally’s experience as a global recruiter and her specialism in HR recruitment for both agency and corporate organisations, enables Engage to offer a tailor-made and holistic executive search service honed to the precise requirements of its client.

Being keenly aware that people are key to the success of a business, and recruitment of the right people in a timely manner essential, Sally’s previous role as Business Partner at Farrow and Ball has given her a broad range of relevant experience with first-hand knowledge of direct campaigns, working in partnership with different functions across the organisation, and offering advice on additional areas of people management.

Locally, Engage will be organising HR forums offering the opportunity to discuss hot topics in a confidential arena of shared experiences where subjects discussed include addressing change, employee engagement, and employer of choice.

Under Sally’s expert leadership, Engage work in partnership with its clients, as an extension of the team, in order to really understand the culture within the company they are recruiting for; an essential practice in successful recruitment.

Approaching every project individually, each brief is taken personally followed by an in-depth search process involving an accurate selection of candidates for face to face interviews before the final shortlist is presented to the client and supported with a concise profile overview.

Engage’s comprehensive approach to recruitment, encompassing all aspects of its client’s business ensure all candidates presented for interview are not just fully qualified and experienced for the role but also fully briefed on the organisation and motivated at interview.

Sally said: “In this challenging marketplace which is short of available talent, people are the foundation of any organisation.  Engage prides itself on implementing a range of techniques in order to find the right match.  With my background in Recruitment and Human Resource Management for a global organisation I am transferring my own skills to help develop strong partnerships with organisations.  Over time I plan to add value and build a trust in our client partnerships in order that they view Engage as an extension of the Human Resource Department.”