MEDIA RELEASE: HR executives and leaders attend ‘a meeting of minds’ at a series of Engage HR Forums

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HR executives and leaders attend ‘a meeting of minds’ at a series of Engage HR Forums

Executive recruitment specialists, Engage Executive Jobs, has announced Joanna Kane of Trailblazers Coaching and Consulting, as guest speaker for the second Engage HR Forum to be held on 21st May.

A highly experienced personal, leadership and team development coach, Joanna is also co-author of ‘The Suited Hippy and The Stress Junkie.’ For her talk, Joanna will be discussing emotional intelligence and how using emotional intelligence can help create the cultures that are needed to compete in this ever changing, ever demanding, world we live in.

Executive Recruitment Director of Engage, Sally Bennett, said: “Feedback from our first forum was extremely positive with our guests commenting that felt they had learnt something from the session; that they had made connections and felt like they were in a confidential and supported environment.

“Human Resource Management can be a lonely world, especially as in Dorset there are many stand-alone positions, so we launched the Engage forums as a vehicle in which to offer peer group support, advice and experience sharing at an executive level.

“Emotional intelligence is currently a hot topic and something our clients indicated they were keen to learn more about when applied to the workplace, so with Joanna’s experience we felt she would be the perfect speaker for our second forum.”

Attended by HR directors and leaders, the Engage HR Forums stand out from its contemporaries by its interactive nature and relaxed approach, whereby like-minded executives are able to discuss their issues and triumphs, boost their contacts and make high calibre connections with other HR executives.

Adding further stature to the events will be solicitor, Malcolm Scott Walby of Scott Walby LLP, who, in addition to the forum speaker will be on hand to talk candidly about any legal queries guests may have.

Sally said: “Although employment law is not the main focus of the event, we recognise that having a legal expert will be an asset to the Engage forums, and we are thrilled that Malcolm has agreed to come on-board.”

The Engage HR Forums are exclusive events for the clients and associates of Engage Executive Jobs, created to bring innovative thinkers and inspiring speakers together with like-minded HR leaders, adding an extra dimension to the services provided by the Bournemouth based executive search company.


Engage(d) in Intergage!

Sally Bennett

Engage(d) in Intergage!

I have just attended a training course provided by Intergage on the subject of Content Creation and I am buzzing with ideas of all the blogs I am going to write and a website I am going to create!

Equally, I am buzzing because the course was led by Roan Fair, Digital Marketing Executive.  I am sure Roan would not mind me saying that – like me – he is not from the digital generation. In fact before the course we were speaking about manual typewriters and learning to type.  We talked about life-changing technology and Roan listening to a Deep Purple cassette on his drive home from college instead of practicing touch typing!

Roan led us through the seven stages of content marketing; how to identify what type of content is best and the most effective types and the benefits.  There is a limitation on how much information can be shared in three hours, however, I came away more knowledgeable for various reasons, top four being:


Content really matters in the rankings of Google!

Really understand your audience – what do they want to hear/read?

The different types of content.


For my own continuous development I am expanding my knowledge on the roles within the Digital World.

Lastly, I learnt about Intergage as an employer.  As a recruiter I am always interested in employers and why someone would want to work there.  As I have a background in human resources and corporate global recruitment, there are certain things that make me want to stand on my soapbox!  I’m not saying that Intergage are the only good employers in a town such as Bournemouth (that, incidentally, has just beaten London as the UK’s fastest-growing digital economy).  There are many fantastic employers in Bournemouth and across Dorset – but there is a small pool of talent.  What I saw was Intergage making some great recruitment decisions and Roan is a great example of this.  He is not from a digital generation – as he openly admits, he is from the manual typewriter era so he would have witnessed the first fax machines.  By the way, we are not ancient but we have seen some changes over a very short period of time!


Roan was able to put life experience into the course which gave such a rounded view.  Previously, he was the Business Editor of the Daily Echo.  He might as well have been the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet (he looks more like Clark Kent).  Roan was able to add snippets of valuable information on copy deadlines as well as being able to relate to real life examples.  He filled in the gaps for us because he had been there himself.


As a recruiter I always want to ask questions and am always interested in people’s paths to where they are now. Roan joined Intergage approximately seven years ago with little knowledge of the digital world, but that foresight at Intergage to employ Roan is paying off in bucket loads.  This is a great example of changing careers; using that transferable skill set.  Seven years ago Roan was employed for his journalistic skills.  Today, he is using his 22 years of journalism experience to lead a workshop focusing on a whole new world in the digital era.


So, before I get off my soapbox, I would just like to say that when we talk about a shortage of talent, can we think about transferable skills to include life experience, because life experience can enhance your team’s dynamics, especially in relationship management.


OK, OK, I am now getting off my soapbox…just one last thing; Roan – I am not sure about the love of Deep Purple!


– Sally


Engage Welcomes Malcolm Scott Walby as our HR Forum Legal Expert

Sally Bennett Engage Executive JobsWe are thrilled to announce that Malcolm Scott Walby of Scott Walby LLP will be attending our exclusive HR Forums as our legal expert in order to answer all your legal queries regarding HR and business law.  For those who know Malcolm, you will no doubt be delighted with this addition to our forums, and look forward to him imparting his no-nonsense, straight talking, professional wisdom at our events.

We are particularly delighted that Malcolm has agreed to come on-board as our first HR Forum was such a success with feedback commenting on how the Engage event was unique in it’s relaxed, friendly ‘get to know you’ approach, and a ‘meeting of minds’ not usually experienced at events such as these.  With comments such as these, we know Malcolm is the perfect legal expert to compliment the Engage HR Forum ethos.

Malcolm will also be keeping us up to date on changes in the world of law which may affect your organisation, via regular blog posts here on the Engage website.

When asked to comment on being approached by Sally to participate in the Engage HR Forums, and provide an introductory blog post and bio, Malcolm’s charm and candour shone through – so over to Malcolm…..

mscottwalbySally: Hi Malcolm, I’d like you to speak at our HR Forum on the subject of Emotional Intelligence.

Malcolm: What!!!

Sally: You know … Emotional Intelligence.

Malcolm: Yes, of course, only joking… [checks definition on internet].

Malcolm: Actually, on the basis that finding and retaining good people is a lot more tough than just sacking someone, emotional intelligence to read how to keep an employee motivated, loyal and happy is probably the most important skill.  Funnily enough, every HR specialist is supposed to have been born with this skill, as it is not actually taught. It’s not just about money.  So how many HR specialists have had this comment thrown at them: “How did you know she was going to say that?”  Experience?  Awareness?  Just knowing that is what anyone would feel like in the same situation and generally treating people like people, not just like numbers.


Malcolm Scott Walby – white, male, middle-aged and likes dogs and horses. Also, ex-Royal Naval officer, ex-lorry-driver, ex-oil exploration permit officer, ex-cocktail waiter in Hawaii.  Has worked as a Solicitor, HR Director and Managing Director of various businesses since 1992.

However, there is always a new experience round the corner and we never quite know what to expect, do we?


 Thanks, Malcolm!  We look forward to seeing you at the next Engage HR Forum on 21st May.

HR Forum: 21st May 2015 with guest speaker, Joanna Kane

jpeg2engageinvitepngWe are delighted to announce Joanna Kane of Trailblazers Coaching & Consulting will be our guest speaker for the 2nd Engage HR Forum to be held at The Cliff, Ravine Road, Canford Cliffs on the 21st May.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Are you and your leadership team using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to create the cultures that are needed to compete in this ever changing, ever demanding, world we live in?

The old paradigms have shifted.  The pure command and control style of leadership is no longer deemed sufficient and people are now looking for a more accessible, engaging and inspiring approach.

The modern leader is caught in a place where they need to be al things to all men and this can create challenges for many.

Joanna is a highly experienced personal, leadership and team development coach, author and speaker who has worked across a diverse client base in the UK, Europe and Asia.  To find out more about Trailblazers click here for the website