The Twins FX bring a Hollywood magic touch to the Engage Executive Jobs exclusive director’s lunch

JPeg_The Twin FX, Gary and Paul, who are kicking off the Jobshop UK 2016 Director's Lunches. jpg 

Magic will be in the air when Engage Executive Jobs and Jobshop UK kicks off its hugely successful director’s business lunches for 2016, with company director and creative director from The Twin FX, Paul and Gary Hardy-Brown.

Having started their careers as illusionists over twenty years ago, the Dorset born identical twins toured the world with their breath-taking magic show.  After being asked to fly a dragon over the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton audience, they discovered their talents as illusionists were being matched with their talent for creating stunning props, as more and more people approached the twins requesting visual special effects, illusions and animatronics.

Amongst the numerous TV shows benefitting from The Twin FX innovative expertise are Doctor Who, Silent Witness, Keep It in The Family, and the forth-coming ITV drama HIM.

Most recently, the company has worked on the Hollywood movie, ‘Now You See Me: The Second Act,’ starring Woody Harrelson, which is released in June.

With a motto for ‘making the impossible, possible,’ The Twin FX presentation at the Engage Executive Jobs & Jobshop UK director’s lunch, held at The Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth, on the 24th February, promises to be  entertaining, visually arresting, and a fascinating insight into the creative world of magic, illusion, and the special effects industry.

For more information on attending this exclusive invite only event, please contact Engage on 01202 674488.