The Engage HR Forum: Unconscious Bias and Gender Intelligence by Helen Jamieson


The latest Engage Executive Jobs HR Forum proved to be yet another huge success with a presentation by Helen Jamieson of Jaluch, who talked about unconscious bias and gender intelligence.


Helen engaged the gathered breakfast guests with some fascinating facts and figures about how males, females, sexuality, height, weight, and even what car you drive can lead to perceived opinions and expectations on success.


The presentation included lively debate and discussion over coffee, croissants and bacon rolls at The Cliff, Canford Cliffs.


Malcolm Scott Walby of Scott Walby LLP rounded up the forum with his own candid and moving tales of how bias can seriously effect individuals in the workplace, with devastating personal and legal consequences.

The next Engage HR Forum will be held on 9th June at The Cliff with guest speak Niall Cluley, HR Director, Global of Fitness First. Niall is going to present on one of his most recent projects – engaging the Fitness First workforce to live their brand values


The Twins FX bring a touch of magic to the first Engage Director’s Lunch of 2016

Jobshop UK host a Directors luncheon at the Hilton Hotel. Guest Speakers are the Twins FX Gary and Paul Hardy-Brown. Photo Nick Free. 24-2-16. Sharon Cummings, Dan Wale, Sally Bennett, Sophie Ingram Johnson, Nat Scott, Frances Miles and Tracey Wood all of Jobshop UK


Magic was in the air when Paul and Gary Hardy-Brown from The Twins FX kicked off the first Director’s Lunch of 2016 at the Bournemouth Hilton Hotel, where a full sized dalek greeted the guests upon arrival.

Not content with wooing the assembled guests – made up of client’s and business associates of Engage Executive Jobs and Jobshop UK –  with a fascinating and insightful talk about their careers as illusionists before moving into creating the props and special effects for theatre, TV and Hollywood films, Paul caused the audience to gasp when he performed a highly entertaining ‘Russian roulette’ trick involving a very sharp spike!