Meet Emily – our newest recruit at Engage.

Engage is delighted to welcome Emily as our new executive recruitment resourcer.


Emily’s past experience working within social media, corporate training, recruitment and people management in London, means that she will be bringing a huge amount of experience with her to Engage.  In particular, having previously integrated the use of social media into the recruitment process, using innovative and highly successful techniques, Emily will be using this expertise in order to grow Engage’s presence on its social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Emily attended her first HR Forum this month when Dave Hall from Ideas Centre Group presented a lively and thought provoking introduction into what his company is about and the ethos behind it.


Emily said: “My first HR Forum was a really great experience. I’ve been to a lot of networking events over the years, and I found the Engage HR Forum to be one of the friendliest groups yet.  It was nice to meet new people as well as seeing some friendly faces.  I’m really looking forward to helping Sally organise and host the forums in the future. I’ll be the one taking lots of pictures and live-tweeting snapshots of the event!

“Dave Hall’s session on creativity was fascinating, especially having worked in creative industries myself, and I look forward to attending one of his full workshops soon.”


If you would like to find out more about the HR Forums, please contact or call 01202 674488


Dave Hall from Ideas Centre Group kicks off the Engage HR Forums for 2017!

It was an energetic start to the 2017 Engage HR Forums when Dave Hall from Ideas Centre Group joined us at The Cliff, Canford Cliffs, Poole, for our first Forum of the year.



Dave’s enthusiasm for his job and the subject matter being discussed was undeniable.  Introducing himself to the gathered HR directors and managers, Dave explained that the Ideas Centre Group was born out of ‘corporate frustration’ 5 years ago, with its aim to ‘put in place systematic approaches to drive innovation and change.’

Dave got the group thinking and nodding in agreement when he stated, ‘we make sense of our world by looking backwards, and this determines decisions we make in the future,’ but because of this we improve at a much slower rate as we have to look backwards and analyse first, before any decisions are made or changes introduced.

Change and improvement was a key element to the presentation, with Dave highlighting that in order to overcome the mental blockages which restrict thought processes and problem solving, we needed to go back to basics and think about creativity and innovation in order to drive change.  Dave discussed the benefits of implementing ‘childlike’ (not to be confused with ‘childish’) techniques to unlock creativity and thought processes, such as building with lego bricks – you can lie on paper but you cant lie through your lego model!

It’s fair to say that Dave’s very interactive presentation certainly inspired lots of discussion within the group, and his techniques can definitely be applied to other areas of business and not just HR.  Many of our attendees were eager to speak with Dave after the presentation, and Dave has very kindly offered to follow up personally with every member.

Our resident commercial solicitor, Malcolm Scott Walby, rounded up the Forum with his own unique mix of candid anecdotes and discussion on the new gender pay gap law and regulations coming into force, which will affect companies with 250+ employees.  We always look forward to welcoming Malcolm to our breakfasts, and are very grateful for his  continued support of the Enage HR Forums.

The Engage HR Forums are always full to capacity due to a mix of excellent speakers, a laid back, welcoming and interactive atmosphere, and highly relevant subject matter.  If you are an HR director or manager and would like to find out more, please contact or call 01202 674488