Lush CEO Mark Constantine concludes Engage executive Jobs’ lunches for 2016



While the Chancellor was unveiling the impact of Brexit on the UK economy, a concerned group of local Directors met at the Jobshop UK and Engage Executive Jobs’ Directors’ Lunch in The Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth. In their fourth and final event of 2016, it was no surprise that the biggest topic of conversation was concern for our local workforce in a post-Trump, post Brexit world.


Jobshop UK Directors, Frances Miles and Tracey Wood, kicked off the lunch with an update of the UK recruitment market which has changed rapidly in the last 2 to 3 months. Whilst starting to pick up now, it is an industry that tends to be the temperature gauge for changes in the economy and they both shared their concerns of the 31.7million in employment in Britain today, 1.6million unemployed and 750,000 vacancies.  It would appear that the 1.6million could be seen to fill the 750,000 vacancies but sadly, many of those included in these unemployment figures are unable to take up work or do not have the skills needed for the vacancies. If we lost the 3.2million non-British workers in Britain as well, the figures will not add up.


Frances and Tracey highlighted three main areas currently affecting recruitment in the local area: A Candidate shortage, highlighted even further by our reliance on the 25% of the Poole workforce that don’t hold British passports; a Skills shortage which has worryingly increased from 30 to 70 sector areas in the last 18 months; and a Talent shortage for more agile, inspirational and motivational workers that are able and willing to work in this new fast-paced and unsure environment.


Directors, who attended from a range of industries including legal, education, finance, retail and IT, agreed on one thing – a general feeling of frustration and unease for the future.

Echoing this sentiment, guest speaker Mark Constantine, Co-founder of Lush, who followed, pointed out that 75% of everything sold on the high street today is made abroad. From Dyson Cleaners to New Look shoes, the only two high street businesses that make all of their products in Britain are Greggs and Lush. Thanking the Jobshop Directors for illustrating the recruitment problems that Lush faced, as the 43rd fastest growing company in Britain, he highlighted how much they needed plenty of hands on deck.


Mark explained that the base roles of capitalism are freedom of movement of capital, goods and people and that this is not a menu where you can select one or the other. He went on to say that, in his experience, the current climate in Britain is very anti-business, predominantly caused by a crisis in our political parties, with both main parties riven by the need to cut immigration but at the same time serve capitalist businesses.


Discussion later from the floor raised concerns about the black economy, unscrupulous competitors lying to customers and the effect on the economy as currency contracts run out.

Mark closed his talk by asking members of the audience to try out Lush’s latest product, Rump.


Engage Executive Jobs’ executive recruitment director, Sally Bennett, commented: “We’ve been delighted by the huge popularity of the Engage Executive Jobs  and Jobshop UK Directors’ Lunches, and have been privileged to have some fascinating speakers who have helped make all the lunches a sell-out success.  Mark’s presentation was particularly pertinent with the current economic and political climate, and 2017 will see us welcoming more high profile and relevant speakers to the floor.”

Entrepreneur and CEO of Lush, Mark Constantine, to speak at Engage Executive Jobs Directors’ Lunch

Jobshop Directors Lunch at the Italian Villa. Photo Nick Free. 14-10-15. Francis Miles director of Jobshop UK with guest speaker Mark Constantine director of Lush and Paul Booker director of Bionanovate

Lush CEO, Mark Constantine, has been announced as the guest speaker for the next Jobshop UK and Engage Executive Jobs’ Directors’ Lunch on Wednesday November 23rd at The Hilton Hotel, Bournemouth.


Founded in Poole in 1995, Cosmetics manufacturer and retailer, Lush, now boasts 933 shops and has again seen enormous growth in sales with their predicted global turnover for this year of £574.1 million, as well as having appeared in the Sunday Times 100 best companies to work for 11 years running.


 Sally Bennett, Engage Executive Jobs, said: “We are delighted to have Mark as our guest speaker for the 11th consecutive year, Mark is known to be highly principled, honest and often controversial; he always delivers a talk that is punchy, surprising and enlightening.  The Engage Executive Jobs and Jobshop UK directors’ lunch is always full to capacity when Mark speaks, so we advise to book early and avoid disappointment.”

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Mark Constantine emphasises the importance of having a “great recruiter” within your business.

Tracey Wood and Frances Miles with Mark Constantine

Lush founder and entrepreneur, Mark Constantine, visited the Poole Business Women’s Lunch Club to present his annual talk to the gathered members, and this year he decided to talk about lessons in business and the books that have inspired him.

Speaking of how and why Lush is so successful, Mark emphasised one of the most important aspects of a successful business is to have a great recruiter as part of your company.  The best recruiters will have all the skills to hire the best staff for your business, bringing with them the necessary skills and knowledge to help your business grow. If you have the best recruiter you can get working with you, you know that in turn, you will have the best employees possible working for you – and that’s something Engage Executive Jobs wholeheartedly agrees with!

Mark’s favourite inspirational quote is from a book called “The Art of Swimming,” by Steven Shaw and Armand D’Amour.

“Water cannot be tamed, It doesn’t care how fast we swim, how hard we try, or how badly we want to succeed, It ebbs, flows, and swells regardless. What it seems to do to us is a reflection of what we do to ourselves.

It will support us if we let it, resist us if we fight it, and frighten us if we approach it with fear. It is unconquerable because it does nothing seeks nothing needs nothing it just is.”

Mark ended his presentation by re-iterating a very valid and pertinent point: “Great business lessons don’t always come in business books; they come in a lot of other ways. So while you are catching up on your reading, remember that the most valuable lessons in business are often those yet to be learnt yourself!”

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