Tearing Your Hair Out! How to Manage a Challenging Employee

Dealing effectively with a staff member who has a tendency to go off and do their own thing, even after strategies and roles have been discussed in detail at your most recent meeting, can be frustrating at best and infuriating at its worst.  Most often than not, this type of behaviour is not malicious, no matter how much it feels like your plans are being sabotaged.  Understanding how to manage your employee can help avert a building up of tension and bad feeling.

These 3 simple tips can help you deal with the matter effectively, without causing bad feeling or creating a difficult atmosphere in the work environment.

Feedback. Explain to your employee what you’re seeing and experiencing. Describe the impact of their behaviour on you, in an open, non accusatory manner and provide suggestions for how they might change.

Focus. Your team or department need to get the work done despite your challenging staff member, so don’t waste time wishing they would change. Concentrate on completing the work instead, bringing in other employees who you know you can more readily rely on to stick to the task in hand.

Commitment. At the end of a meeting ask everyone to reiterate what they are going to do and by when. Sometimes peer pressure can keep even the most passive-aggressive person on task and this way you can also legitimately ensure they did not simply ‘misunderstand’ what was expected of them.