Race for Life – aim high, break your boundaries and achieve your goals

Race 2crop

On Sunday 14th June 2015 I achieved something for charity, my workplace colleagues and for myself.  I completed the Race for Life Bournemouth and ran 5k.  For those who do not know me I was that potato on that couch!  I was asked by my work colleagues to join the team – my immediate response was ‘I am not running, I will walk it, that’s all.’ Oh, how a couple of months can change your perspective when you are surrounded by focused and supportive people.

I, like many people constantly review what we have not achieved and review our failures,  but when do we look at the successes and celebrate them?  I have learnt by focusing on that end goal it helps when the journey is not smooth.  On my travels I had many deviations and crossroads, however the more training I did the more I was focused on the end goal the ‘hic ups’ did not matter so much.   I am now applying my learning to my work.  I am picturing my end goal and when it does not quiet go to plan I say ‘ok go back to the crossroads’ or ‘on this occasion I am going to take the diverted route’ and remarkably with the end destination in sight it is amazing how quickly you are back on the ‘positive route.’

I meet many determined candidates who wish to change direction.  You can always tell which ones are going to be successful.  When I meet them for the first time they are the ones who already have a picture of their next role and they are able to describe the type of employer they aspire to work for.   You know with this amount of focus it is only a matter of time before they are successful.  They too have challenges on the way such as an unsuccessful interview; however they take the feedback and focus on improving on areas of development.   I want to add value to their journey and where appropriate introduce them to potential employers to support their own proactivity and determination.  Finally I love celebrating with them when the reach their final goal – that new job.  That is regardless if it has been via Engage or not – it is about the satisfaction of helping them achieve.  I am thanked just as much for support as I am for providing the right career opportunity.

That leads me to my work colleagues – I have been on the receiving end of support and encouragement.  I know without their support the journey would not have been so enjoyable.  Leading up to the event I was taken aback at the hard work put into giving us runners moral support.  There were banners, t shirts and daily updates on progress, proactive work on sponsorship and most importantly support on the day at the start and finish line.

None of the above it rocket science, deep down we already know this, however by reading and listening to other peoples’ journeys and goals it helps motivate you to focus on your own.

Guess what – it works!