HR Forum: 21st May 2015 with guest speaker, Joanna Kane

jpeg2engageinvitepngWe are delighted to announce Joanna Kane of Trailblazers Coaching & Consulting will be our guest speaker for the 2nd Engage HR Forum to be held at The Cliff, Ravine Road, Canford Cliffs on the 21st May.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Are you and your leadership team using Emotional Intelligence (EI) to create the cultures that are needed to compete in this ever changing, ever demanding, world we live in?

The old paradigms have shifted.  The pure command and control style of leadership is no longer deemed sufficient and people are now looking for a more accessible, engaging and inspiring approach.

The modern leader is caught in a place where they need to be al things to all men and this can create challenges for many.

Joanna is a highly experienced personal, leadership and team development coach, author and speaker who has worked across a diverse client base in the UK, Europe and Asia.  To find out more about Trailblazers click here for the website